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Dot the i's and cross the t's...

Monroy Petersen will work with you to confirm that all due diligence and negotiations have been completed to your satisfaction and the claims and representations made by your counterpart are substantiated.

We look forward to working in coordination with your legal counsel to draft and review the definitive agreements required to consummate the transaction. 

✓ Parties to the Agreement

✓ Rationale

✓ Type

✓ Price and Terms 

✓ Representations and Warranties

✓ Conditions and Covenants

✓ Remedies

We’ll assist your counsel to verify that the parties involved are in good standing and have the required approvals in place, including for example board resolutions, powers of attorney and signing authority to proceed with the transaction.


We’ll assist your financial officer and escrow agent to confirm that the necessary financing has been secured and the proper paperwork and liens are in place for stock or assets to be transferred and any funds to be released.

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