The world is increasingly interconnected. We believe that developing lasting business relationships usually brings greater benefits than maximizing short-term and one-time gains. To the greatest extent possible, we advise our clients to adopt a “win-win” philosophy.




At Monroy Petersen, we pursue mutually beneficial outcomes, and we do so by following these general negotiation principles:


  • Separating the people from the problem

  • Focusing on interests not positions

  • Identifying the key drivers for all parties

  • Expanding the pie and generating a variety of options

  • Settling based on objective criteria that maximizes total benefits

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San Francisco Office

388 Market St, Suite 1300

San Francisco, CA 94111

T: +1 (415) 306.0850

F: +1 (415) 358.8644

Mexico City Office

Avenida San Jerónimo #136

México D.F. 01090

T: +52 (55) 5616.1532

F: +52 (55) 1084.2819



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