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McKinsey's 2022 Tech Highlights

Hera's an extract on AI:

A tipping point for AI?

At first glance, our latest AI survey shows adoption leveling off over the past few years, though it has more than doubled since 2017, and applied AI continually ranks high in our annual tech trends analyses.

However, the number of AI capabilities companies use, such as natural-language text understanding, has continued to grow. And those seeing the most value from AI are beginning to industrialize it, laying the groundwork to develop more AI applications faster and easier—and pull further ahead of competitors. Yet, that’s not the tipping point to which we refer. It’s the generative AI models opened to the public this year—like ChatGPT, which churns out original text content based on user prompts, and Stable Diffusion, which generates images from text—that could usher in the next boom in AI use, unleashing new applications and opening AI to those with little to no technical background. While only 11 percent of AI-using companies reported leveraging the AI capabilities behind models like these (transformers and, to a lesser extent, generative adversarial networks, or GANs), we expect that to increase next year.


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